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A Brighton native, Luci has a zest for life and all within it. On top of being a keen observer of life and the stories that are woven through it, Luci is a barrel of joy. Always bringing a gregarious and uplifting energy to the set. Though make no mistake, she is no fool. Luci commands attention with grace and humility whenever she enters a room. Making her a formidable and Producer & Assistant Director . People turn to her for direction and insight. With a background in sales and hospitality, Luci truly is the definition of a people person. Now lending those essential attributes to producing and ADing films, she often succeeds at negotiating with the trickier personalities that most of us creative folke might be otherwise deterred by. Armed with natural charm, Luci is the ideal commanding officer. Strong, fierce, and lots of fun.



Born and raised in the Phillipines, Jan is a perfectionist. Part creative, part athlete. Jans’ passion for film and basketball drive his need for discipline and keen eye for detail. A considered, eagle eyed and highly intuitive person, Jan will assess any creative scenario with a logical and intricate perspective. Regularly absorbing a situation mentally and finding the best way to attack it efficiently and effectively. Making him a razor-sharp Director Of Photography. Though he’s not all seriousness. Jan is one of our most light-hearted yet mischievous players. This combined with his meticulous approach to his creativity make him a joy to work with any day of the week.




Born in Manchester. Raised in France and Italy. Made in Bristol. Jack is a larger than life character (both figuratively and literally). His passion for telling stories is only matched by his passion for hearing them. Having gone to culinary school in Europe during his teenage years, Jack has a desire to make with passion, flare and love. Equipped with the motivation of an armada, Jacks sheer will often empowers his creative ambitions. Never one to let his team fall by the wayside, instead, giving them a warm hand back up to the road ahead. A lot like his food, Jacks films are reflective of the beauty of simplicity, honesty and heart. Though he will always use his organisation and communication talents for producing films of all shapes and sizes. Cheering the whole production on as he does so. 




Growing up in Bath, Zenna has always been a talented artist. Lending her creativity to painting/ illustrating/ street art and now film. Zenna found one of her many niches while at film school when she adopted the method of stop-motion animation to tell her charming, often philosophical and always personal stories. Zenna is a huge advocate for appreciating the natural flaws in art and creativity. Often self describing her style as Janky. Though this is not for any lack of effort. Zenna will work from sunrise to sunset. Sculpting away at fantastic figurines and building the sets they occupy from scratch. Zennas’ love of creativity drives her completely. Often being 5 steps ahead of her colleagues. If you dream something up, she’s already started making it.



Originally from Leicestershire, Adam is a creative force. Being compelled by painting, music production and filmmaking, Adam has a keen eye for aesthetics and a strong understanding of what makes great art. By understanding the language of all three of those mediums, Adam connects the dots like a creative alchemist to arrive at something unique and well constructed. Alongside a brain permanently set to creative mode, he brings a distinctly northern(midlands technically) energy to the filmmaking process. With a background in Sales and Hospitality, Adam is often the eternal optimist and a beacon to guide others. A natural hype man. All of this amalgamates in the trappings of a great director.


Bristol born and bread, Brandon is a purveyor of all things story. His prolific writing talents lend themselves to novels, comics, plays and of course films. With a self published book and comic under his belt already, Brandon is fast becoming a creative powerhouse. Currently shooting his first feature with almost no-budget, Brandon shows us what can be done when the appetite for story trumps the circumstances of the storyteller. A well-versed cinephile, Brandon has a library of references to pull from and a strong understanding of cinematic language allowing him to realise his filmic vision. All this combined with an affection for building worlds, pondering that in which he lives in and a wry sense of humour make him a great director. 

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